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Learning Support Magic

‘ There’s no magic to learning support. Only hard work and determination and sleepless nights and building on what works while tweaking what doesn’t to find the true purpose of learning. ‘ @missabbysclassroom_ 02.30am I have only slept for three hours but I’m awake trying to figure out the learning patterns of some of the […]

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Shut Up (Part 2)

Ever so often, we hear teachers and even parents yell at our young ones to ‘Shut Up!’ not knowing that this singular act does more harm than good. I have shared that we need to first know what is the reason for the ‘noise’so that we do not shut them up for what they are actually supposed to share. So here, I have captured what works in my classroom..

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What Do you Want To Be When You Grow Up?

” What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? “ Were you ever asked this question? I was. Countless times. It didn’t occur to me that the profession I had chosen was what would make a class of over thirty children laugh at me. This question was asked in every single class I […]