Dearest Child

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Dearest child,

It’s taken me about six months to find the words to share my experiences with you

Being with you has been so different from what I’ve seen, heard and even taken part in

How we go from being buddies who share hugs and blow kisses to people who want to have nothing to do with each other, mostly from you though 😭

I like that in between our sessions you remind me to smile and you don’t really care what’s going on, you spread your love and happiness too deep

Some times I wish that I could really ” help ” way beyond what I can currently offer
Not out of pity but because you deserve to be loved, cared for and talked about as much as others in the most safe ways possible

You see this heart of mine is large enough for you and all of you and I’m committed to do all that I can even if it means starting an entire career to know and to be

It’s a win-win really, you have me as I have you

Love ya, ❤️

(Currently catering to children living with Autism and other developmental disorders since March 2021)

Finally, I have found words to talk about what I do ☺️

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