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Single To Stupor Series
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Will you ever get married in this life like this?

You see this SingleToStupor life ehn, if you decide to not be in any relationship or get married, just know why… Not for announcement sake but for your own mental health. Your Why will remind you for when the pressure from people begin to seep in.

I’m not even 30 yet but the number of times persons have expressed concern about my putting career ” in front of having man ” is wonderful, to say the least. ( We call situations the opposite of what they actually are in this case, 🤣 ) Now, there are persons and there are persons. Persons who have earned the right to be truly concerned. We see you, we love you, we appreciate you.

I’d have loved to generalize but nahhh… Let’s say it as they say it. I do not know how to settle for less. I do not know how to not be who I am called to be even if I do not have the entire picture yet. It’s like puzzle pieces, each would make sense as they all come together. I do not know how to not explore all the opportunities my career path has. I do not know how to settle for just any course of study because that’s what it is available. The last time I did it, it ended in premium tears and a little bit of mental torture.

Do I desire to get married some day? Yes ofcos! (of course!). Marital kind of love is a beautiful thing. No, I do not ” awwn ” it 🤣 I love it. There are too many beautiful examples around me (My parents, The Bamgboye family, The Nelson family, Ogbeni La family, etc etc)

Am I anxious? Nope. Never have. Never will be. (Insert in Jesus mighty name)

Do I have concerns? Yes. Can we always switch off light to conserve electric points? Can we eat Agege bread for breakfast and dinner? Can we take the weekend off to just be by ourselves? Lol, these are the least of my concerns but you get the point?

Sooooooooooooo why do I want to (not) get married? 🤔 I will tell you but you haven’t shared this post with anyone yet. 😏😎

Why do you want to (not) get married? Oya tell me na

Oya tell me na – Please tell me now

Agege bread: A local (read as international too) unsliced bread baked in Agege area of Lagos.

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Kemi Daramola
Kemi Daramola
1 month ago

Wow! Bhet goan bring man

Dominic Nelson
Dominic Nelson
1 month ago

You know you not single shey 🤣🤣

1 month ago

I like love stories but I’m not eager for one abeg make pesin no go chip breakfast 😂😌😂

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