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This week has been a goal!

From working for four days against five, many thanks to the public holiday on Monday ( I can’t even remember why we had that holiday now 🀣) to getting snacks on all of the four days! Yo!

Quick recap.
My previous week was filled with gbas gbos. I had the closest set of persons to me fall ill at the same time. On a Thursday. Last Thursday. I’m still looking for how I get this inner calmness when there’s external chaos. This has got to be God-given because fam, I suppose tear my eye comot o but I didn’t. To Jesus be my glory.
I told those I could tell and being the only adult around, I had to step into the roles of Intercessory, Nursing and Guardian. Their recovery is theirs to share πŸ€—

You would think since the next Monday is a holiday then I’ll get a break right? No fam. I had to travel to another state to train some teachers of a particular school then resume work on Tuesday. I enjoyed every bit of the training as sharing what works in my classroom is one of my most favorite things to do.

Tuesday came and it was a hit back to back. I had children achieve milestones that needed to be sustained. My kind of work requires you reinforcing good behaviors so my entire senses has to be at alert. See why I get exhausted after each day? 🀣

Now to the main meal gist.
For few weeks I’d been talking to few of my friends about my eating lifestyle. I’m not an early breakfast person and I usually forget to eat until 4pm which is already too late. My Mom decided to always make me healthy breakfast instead. Did I mention that I don’t like cold meals too? πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ This kind of lifestyle needs funds to be honest 🀣 but I rest my case.
Well, I have to eat breakfast early (insert 6:00am) then find something to snack on around 12pm or 3pm. This is the plan but healthy snacks are hard to come by. When a colleague of mine suggested Banana bread, I hopped on the train. You know how much I love bread na 🀣
We did it once and it had sprinkles of disappointment. Fam, I was too hungry to notice when it got delivered. I’d eaten my slice of the loaf before I realized. Las las, another colleague said she makes banana loaf o. Let’s call her Bee. Bee has been bringing samples of banana bread and I’ve been eating ’em samples 😍
Another set of colleagues brought me yummy chinchin this week πŸ˜‹

That’s not the end fam. One of our interns, let’s call her E. E promised us cup cakes on Friday 😭 I’m not a fan of cakes but this has to be the most yummiliciously delicious cupcake I’ve ever eaten. Gosh! It was so fluffy that I only had to roll a bit in my mouth and swallow. Fluffy and soft like a lover’s kiss😍… (That’s okay, Abigail. Rubbish πŸ™„) but you get the point fam. I didn’t take the promise seriously when I heard her say so because I know the hard work baking requires but she delivered.

The only thing I want to do after work is catch up on school work and sleep 🀣

Was it not few weeks ago I asked that my folks on WhatsApp to normalize sending me lunch at work? They didn’t take me serious, smh but lookat!
I have one prayer request sha

Father Lord, bless all these people who have fed me this week. One more prayer Lord. Let them bring more. Let more come. My stomach is open to food now Lord. I promise that it won’t close again when I see food. I’ll be requesting for food now Lord. I’ll be eating food now Lord. Help me Lord to eat food Lord. I pray in Jesus name, amen.

PS: I’ve lost pictures of the cupcakes *sobs I was going to pepper y’all 😭

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