Shoes of Throes

Abigail Adetola Blooming Bea
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I can’t share this without a little background detail.

Things got hard for my family when I was in Year 3. You know that born with a silver spoon talk? I only have a faint memory of that period. Lol. So, there was a time I had no shoes and had to depend on hand-me-downs which are not so bad by the way (Toni, Faith and Eunice… Take note. I’ll still raid your wardrobe 🤣 ) but I had no shoes. No black shoes.

Mom was making dinner in the kitchen and I kept whining about how I needed them badly not just for regular outing but for a particular choreography Mrs Banjo would take in school. Have I ever shared Mrs Banjo’s story with you? I’ll do so, soon.

As usual, Mom told me to go pray to God for provision. She also explained how there wasn’t enough to buy shoes at the moment but when God provides I’ll definitely get them. Childlike faith. I did go to pray.
The next day, Mr Neighbor who’s married with about four children at that time gave my Mom a package containing black shoes.
Mehn! I was overjoyed!

God answers prayers so swiftly! I thought.
Few minutes later, I was instructed to thank Mr Neighbor. My heart sank.
Mr Neighbor calls me his wife and I cringe everytime I hear him say that. I’m just a little girl that likes to read and play with the children or by myself. How am I a wife? I’m not even grown like my Mom. Aren’t adults supposed to be wives?

The joy of getting a new pair of black shoes didn’t let me dwell on my discomfort for too long so I skipped to their side of the house, knocked and was invited in. The television was on but I was there to express my gratitude so I didn’t even care for what was showing on the screen.

” Thank you for the shoes sir. My mommy just gave me. ”

Then he said those words (My Wife) which I really hate and invited me to sit next to him on the couch. I didn’t want to but how could I disobey someone who just gave me what I’d always wanted all this while? I sat. He told me to watch TV. I’m not a TV person. They hurt my eyes, besides it was a traditional music video and I didn’t understand the language but I sat there.

I didn’t think much of anything until I felt his hands on my thighs, trying to force them apart. I’m not sure I ever had anyone tell me this was not to be done but I crossed my legs to prevent him from doing to me whatever he had in mind. I remember him saying it was okay and he wouldn’t hurt me.

That was enough to make me jump up from the couch, say I think I heard my Mom call me and run out.
My Mom only got to know many years later why I never wore the shoes till they got missing.

Mrs Banjo didn’t know why I couldn’t join the choreography class during break time. Not because I didn’t have black shoes which was a condition for joining but because the shoes reminds me of something scary.

Neighbors didn’t understand why I would run away to hide any time Mr Neighbor returns from work and share biscuits with other children, sometimes. (cc: Grooming)

They didn’t understand my ” disrespectful stance ” towards Mr Neighbor during my willful chaotic teenage years.

I have forgiven, obviously not forgotten but one question.


PS: Kitchen was close to neighbor’s room so he heard me talking to my Mom about the shoes.

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Elizabeth Bamidele
Elizabeth Bamidele
6 months ago


So much heartless persons…

Thank you for this courage to share

6 months ago

Perverts everywhere. The pervert wanted to use gift to closer to you. Thank God for the wisdom of running away on time. Thanks for sharing.

Aduragbemi Ajimati
Aduragbemi Ajimati
6 months ago

This hurts.

But thanks be to God for the escape.

6 months ago

Thank you for always standing on your ground, aunty Abigail. It’s worth sharing

6 months ago

Thank you for sharing this.

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