Childhood Chronicles IV : To Jump Or Not?

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The level of self-control I try to have when I see a mud or water puddle is way out of this world.

Oh the struggle 🤦🏾‍♀️

Plus I’m supposed to be a big girl. An adult.

Fam, this adult life isn’t easy

I remember going to visit an extended family member with my late sister one day. It was a very chill evening because I remember her saying ” Kiye, wo sweater é.. ” (Kiye put on you sweater) On our way back to the house, I kept eyeing those water puddles. I could see myself jumping and splashing and getting all dirty. I don’t know if she could read my mind but she walked me close to one and gently pushed me into the puddle with style.

I turned to her in surprise but she looked away.

Well, who am I to deny such good blessing, fam? I waddled and jumped and splashed all around. When I saw her walking away slowly I came out and followed her home with absolute glee and glow!

I remember my Mom (shoutingly, of course) asking why I was so dirty but guess what? Nobody said anything. I took myself to the bathroom and washed my body clean.

My sleep that night was beautiful. Blissful sef.
I’m still a child y’all.

1. Don’t stress me with adulthood.
2. Big sisters are the best
3. Let the children play

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7 months ago

So ‘Kiye….’ is your name too? Didn’t know

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