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Last Sunday, September 13th to be precise. Thanks to my phone’s calendar 🤣

I stepped out to get peanuts for my garri. While I was waiting for the young boy to give me what I asked for, two teenage boys came to the same store to buy something too.

I know one of them since he was as little as 3 but I can’t remember ever seeing the other boy. Now you get why I comfortably said “teenage boys” right?

I knew they were going to try something funny but I minded my business. As I was about to leave the other unknown teenage boy called my attention. Thinking he was probably a virtual friend and I didn’t want to come off as rude, I granted him audience only for dude to say ” Hanhan don’t you know me again? “

I apologized and told him I wasn’t sure. He kept explaining how ‘ I ‘ used to come and visit him in the house and stuff. I looked at the other teenager I know and that one’s mouth and eyes was open in shock.

So I asked unknown talkertive teenager to tell me my name since he claimed to know me so well. Guess the name he mentioned?

You guessed right. Another person’s name entirely. I pointedly rolled my eyes at him and told him I wasn’t the girl he’s talking about. As I was leaving the shop, this teenage tactic dawned on me.

(Call up a random stranger and pretend you know her. Strike a conversation and pour out your speech charm. Lick your lips for effects. Never mind the millions of germs already on it. I know these things.)

Kindly add that my hair is short and I look like an About To Be Seventeen year old. I had to be out few hours later and guess who cat called me on the street?

You’re right. I’ve given him a new name in my head though. When next I see him and he tries that shenanigan with me I’ll call him by that name. Some things in life can be even. This should be one of them.
I’m posting this on October 15th. I haven’t seen him since then and I can’t even remember the new name again 🤦🏾‍♀️

This life didn’t want to be balanced again.

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10 months ago


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