The Best Marital Life Advice

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The Best Marital Life Advice

I have read online arguments about single people giving married people advice and I laugh at some expressions.
Of all things to get right in this life, of all things to argue about, may I not be found in this camp. I respect those who go into it, gun blazing and all.

I’m a Teacher. I work with parents and teachers to create beautiful learning experiences for their children. I can share from my wealth of knowledge as a result of experience on how to facilitate Learning. If there are behavioural issues then yes, I’ll be able to say something because it’s one of my core as a teacher. I’d like to build expertise based on my experiences.

What I will not give advice is on childbirth. I’m not a paediatrician nurse or doctor. I never born. Any knowledge I have on birthing a child comes from what I’ve read or heard from some of my folks. I witnessed the birth of one of my goddaughters and it’s still different from every other stuff I’ve read or heard. (Shout out to mothers fam! My aunt almost broke my hands lol)

If I’d like to be a child birth advice giver, I’d make efforts to witness other births and even go ahead to get certified in Midwifery then maybe try to birth one if it’s a criterion (buh let’s remember I’m a SingleToStupor pelzon, so how? 🀣) There will be issues if I base my expertise on that one birth I’ve watched and maybe a few vlogs on childbirth. I’m sure that’s not how expertise is built.

How many married people have you worked with to claim expertise? Can they give testimonials on how far your work with them has helped or is helping to improve their marriage?
No, I don’t mean random comments on your social media posts. Oh! You’re not collecting feedback?

So aside reading off the internet or attending random classes on WhatsApp and Facebook groups, what learning institution can boldly say that you’ve passed through their institute and you can practice on your own?

Expertise doesn’t stand alone. Experience stands with it. Institutes will send you into the real world to research.

Don’t feel “attacked” when they say you can’t advice married people as a single person. The married has the experience, you have the advice. If they tell you it doesn’t work, watcha gonna do?

The married has the experience, you have the advice.

Don’t even be too quick to quote scriptures from the Bible abeg. It’s not a war. State your stance and no, there’s really no mystery behind these things.

Experiences differ. If you’re not called to this, don’t even bother.
Draw your lessons fam.

PS: 14 days after I marry I go create 14days manual on how to behave around your spouse. Just remind me 🀣 since we all want to be experts na

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1 year ago

That manual part got me ShaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Expertise is tested by the result of those you have worked with.
Thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’ll remind you after 14days ooo. Goan marry fasfas ooπŸ€ͺ🀭

Nkechi Utomi
Nkechi Utomi
1 year ago

Expertise don’t stand alone, experience stands with it. Thank you for sharing Abby

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