Why Are You Still Single?

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Why are you still SingleToStupor?

The internet/life has taught us to reply this question with so much venom and sarcasm. I don’t blame us. The women always have been at the receiving end in so many cases.

I choose to answer this question differently. I’m assuming you’re so concerned that’s why you want to know.

I am single because I want a healthy and beautiful relationship. I have seen my parents and watched their love grow over the years. I’ve seen my Mom hold my Dad during tough situations and I’ve seen my Dad protect my Mom during hard times. I see how they compliment each other. I’ve watched them be totally honest with consideration. They cherish family so much. They even shield each other from us sef. I would never fault them if they choose each other over me.

I have big uncles and aunties around me. They have also modelled the very sincere and beautiful relationships I’ve ever seen. One uncle comes to mind. He’s so hardworking and she’s so kind and they confess positivity into each other’s life ( shout out to uncle Lekan and aunty Ogbonne! 🙌🏿)

How can I have these beautiful examples around me then settle for ” Have you eaten ? ” or ” If I travel and come back should I hug you first or my mother? ” geng. Help me say God forbid. Say Heavens forbid.
True true, heavens forbid it.

I am perfectly okay to wait. To wait for a beautiful and healthy relationship and when I finally receive it, may God help me to never let go. May I have godly sense and resources to nurture it. May I always bring my one hundred percent.
This, my people is why I am still SingleToStupor.

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Elizabeth Bamidele
Elizabeth Bamidele
1 year ago

I totally agree.

Waiting is beautiful.

Mark Silas
Mark Silas
1 year ago

Beautiful read

Ayoola Rebecca Olawumi
10 months ago

I just came across the news of this new house.💃💃💃.
So on fleek. Congrats Abigail,🎉🎉

The last paragraph right there is it for me.

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