Who Is a ‘Him’ ?

Single To Stupor Series
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Few weeks ago I was talking to my friend, who by the way is now married and she went ” Oh I should tell him now gan sef… “

Hollup sister girl! Who you telling? Who is a him? We’re having a conversation ma. What’s him?

She rolled her eyes at me and said ” Abby you’re so incredulous. “

Incredulous how? We’re having a conversation and you’re saying him. Do I have to put up with this all my life?

Just kidding 藍
As a SingleToStupor human being, I get this lines ever so often. I’d be talking with some of my girls who are engaged or married and I’ll hear ” him.”  It’s beautiful to watch how these relationships have blossomed from ” We’re just friends ” to ” I need to tell him. “

They know when to say ” him ” but I’d always act like I don’t know what they’re talking about just to watch them blush.

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