Childhood Chronicles II: They Haf Break Samuel’s Head

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Childhood Chronicles II : They Haf Break Samuel’s Head o!

” Abigail! Abigail! Abigail come o! They haf break Samuel’s head o! ..”

My mind barely took three seconds to process this. Let me give you background story. Samuel is my immediate younger brother and we had just changed schools a session prior to that time. I was preparing for the National Spelling Bee competition that year so I had to stay back for an hour to practice my words. Samuel, as usual waited for me.

My teachers and I were wrapping up already so it was the usual gist of are you hungry or who will help you cross the road. I had my bag strapped to my back so I walked the three steps down and out of my classroom block. I saw someone running towards me but I can’t even remember who. This someone was the one who told me they had broken my brother’s head.

Ha! I picked race towards the direction this someone had pointed at. When I got there I saw my brother, head in bloodstained hands. Every basic first aid training my Dad had taught me using the Where There’s No Doctor book flew out of my head. Some how my mind magnified the blood I was seeing.

I kept asking ” Who did this? ” and ” What did you do? ” Let me give you another background story. Samuel is one of the most gentle brothers I have. He’s the quiet yet strong one. Hardly fights but could play rough for the entire universe so this injury was sort of a mixed surprise. First of, your mates have gone home so who were you playing with?
I didn’t even know that my teachers followed me sef 

One of them took Samuel back to my class and treated the cut. Another held the culprit who happens to be my classmate but waited behind to play football. The entire team was casted that day sha 

We eventually got to know that it was a stone battle gone wrong. My primary school compound was filled with sand and stones. If we weren’t using the stones to play Suwe or Kelegbe, we were throwing them at each other and that was what my younger brother and my classmate were doing.

The cut wasn’t deep but because it was on the head and somebody apparently has too much blood in his head 藍 my classmate was told go and call his mom to follow us home. Las Las, we got home and everything was alright…until my classmates younger siblings started to make life difficult for me. I was the assistant head girl but it didn’t matter to those tiny humans 藍 Tiny humans that were once upon a time my gees started to become disloyal. They would make their classmates disobey my orders 臘 Talambout everybody sit down now but some would intentionally stand up then lie that they want to go and take something outside 
They frustrated my tenure for an entire week until they forgot the entire situation.

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