They Are On Social Media Already!

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25th January 2020

I had just woken up from a 3-hour sleep super pumped and happy to be able to do so.
My nephew was around so it was time for our Aunt-Nephew time only that he had some friends visiting.

We began to play football. I’m not a good player but I can recognize my teammates and my goal post 

After the match, I stumbled on a discovery that was shockingly cool. Shocking because I didn’t expect them to tell me and cool because oh well, it’s cool. They shared their Facebook IDs with me  Some had funny names like “Frosh” attached to their names. The creativity in these names are very commendable. Let’s just say that if my nephew had done this I wouldn’t have known he’s on Facebook already 

This brings me to the question that popped in my mind after reflecting many hours later.


Why am I asking this?
My community is what most people would consider to as middle/lower classes. Not everyone expect these children to know what social media is not to talk about being on one and even creatively owning the space with names.
I shared a bit of the importance of social media with them and how they can use it to share what they do and learn alongside. We still have a long way to go but we start from here.

Btw, what does “Frosh” mean?  They didn’t know it 

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