They Told Me To Settle For My Own Kind Of Crazy

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15- 01 -2020

I didn’t put on my glasses throughout so I had something similar to a frown on my face all day that only disappeared when I laughed. My children know this so it wasn’t a problem until I took a ride home.

Let me not even bother you about how I had to cross a very much dreaded road because one day I go use my car cruise this road to retaliate.

I entered this keke maruwa that had an older couple in it. I saw the man place his hand on the woman’s chest and they were giggling. What’s my own? I entered and balanced well until I heard ” My daughter don’t frown because of us na ” from the older man

😮 Frown ke? What’s my own?

I smiled and assured them that I wasn’t frowning. The older lady now said ” Sorry jare. Don’t mind us your older agbaya parents. We have to keep the love going strong. ”

😮 Ha. Maami! Ko le to yen. It hasn’t reached that level ma o. Continue with your love please. Older agbaya parents how? 😂

” Sorry jare. Don’t let her embarrass you. She’s like that. You see you young people of nowadays you can’t even compete with people like us. You know when we were younger we used to be more crazy than this… ”

I knew it! I just knew it! I heard their crazy love story and all the crazy things they do to keep it intact. Crazy things that I can’t even type here 😂 Just look at free marriage lessons for #SingleToStupor person like me for when the time comes.

In the end I was advised to make this life count then settle for my own kind of crazy 😂

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