Second Term Begins

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The urge to decorate my space came with full force that I had to leave the notes I was planning to get the ideas rolling in my head out of my head 😂

I’ve moved classes. Long story but let’s get back to this space I now have. This particular place holds beautiful memories for me. I met and taught the most amazing set of children here. I teach a particular group in this space every morning.

When I resumed and was informed that this place would be my new space I didn’t know what to feel or what to say. I’m not one to back down when faced with any challenge. I saw this as one and decided to make the best use of every thing this particular stage in my life brings.

Back to the urge to redecorate. I’ve had crazy ideas on how I want my classroom to be like – I dabbled into white and black theme at some point 😂 – but it was too late to have the kind of colours I want so I decided to bring out every bit of decor I had purchased and kept for the right time 😂 (There’s always s right time)

Shout out to one of my colleagues that I asked – more like dragged 😂 – to cut out stars for me. I got the WELCOME paper sign from another friend who makes classroom decor (@odetolaebenezer on Instagram)

Hopefully I get to add every piece bit by bit to create a beautiful room where every child feels like The Stars he/she truly is 😇
I’ll share a complete picture when I’m through.

Some of the children came to help and their voices and ideas fueled me 😇 Thank you guys

Till then ✌🏼

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