=N= 150 naira
Plantain and every thing plantain has been on my mind since my last check up. I jokingly told my doctor that that’s one of the side effects of the medications after I was asked 😂

So on my way from work in traffic, I was on the lookout for plantain chips. When I saw the guy ehn my heart leaped for joy and I called him with every fibre of my being. What cravings to do my life is 🤷‍♀ After munching on these crunchy goodies of life ( I couldn’t even take pictures 🤦‍♀ ) I looked into my purse and the ‘eeny meeny manny moe’ came to life .

Can I buy one more?

If I buy one more won’t I trek home like this?

BTW, trek is different from walk. Trek is walking because you don’t have money for transport while walk is walking because you want to exercise or take a look at how the world has been faring when you weren’t looking.

What will happen if I buy or do not buy one more?

Las Las, I didn’t buy another pack😏

Why? Because I had only One hundred and fifty naira left.

One hundred. Fifty naira.

Plantain chips cost one hundred naira per pack.
I need fifty naira to one motor park then one hundred naira to board bike home. If I spend one hundred naira to buy plantain chips that will finish in two minutes, I will have to trek for one hour to get home

Just fink abbourit 🤔 fink it very well Abigail and I did think about it and didn’t buy it. This adult life is not mine.

PS: Let’s cancel all those days I didn’t care and bought it o 😂

One hundred and fifty naira 😉