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I have heard people tell me to give up on Education in Nigeria because no good will ever come from it. They have only said this from a part of them I might never get to experience. Or maybe I have but choose not to let that define the experience of over ten years. I choose to believe this.

When you tell me that nothing good can ever come out of Education in Nigeria, you are telling me that four of my children that I once taught as a part time teacher whose WASSCE they aced isn’t worth the discipline and sacrifices of those years.

You are telling me that I have spent the past years just going hopelessly through each day without making any impact which isn’t true.

You are telling me that the children my other friends in remote communities are doing or have done their best to redefine their learning experiences so far is nothing. Nothing.
We both know that’s not true.

As much as childhood memories would let me, I remember my teachers, both in and outside the classroom whose words and actions have helped groomed me till this day. I will never forget.

So when next you see a teacher, young or old, doing something no matter how little, encourage them. Never undermine their work.
We know it isn’t working as it ought to but we won’t fold our arms. I won’t fold my arms.

I choose to see the best, the leader in every child and I will do all I possibly can to guide them in reaching that goal as they have and are still doing for me.

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1 year ago

I celebrate you dearie

1 year ago

This is apt.
May God bless all teachers

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