I Changed My Position In My Report Sheet

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Ermm… Yes I did.

It’s the season of report cards, isn’t it? 😂

I have a true story to share.

One time in Junior Secondary School 2 ( aka JSS 2 aka Year 8) it was tense in the entire school. The Government had announced that students who do not pass English and Mathematics will not be promoted.

The entire school was buzzing. Exams were over. The staff rooms were locked. Teachers were marking. Students were pacing the corridors. Those who were bold enough to roam the entire school block were sent in at intervals by the orderlies in our school back then. Mini chaos.

Some of my friends were predicting their results. I couldn’t do mine because I knew what I had done 😂 (talambout Math and figures)

Don’t get me wrong o. In secondary school, I was an above average student, acing English and Integrated Science. For English, thanks to Mr Dele. For Science, thanks to my Dad and sci-fi cartoons.

Hours later, we were called into the staff room one after the other to collect our result sheet. This scene is usually funny and sad at the same time. Those who have offended certain teachers earlier in the term would receive punishment again 😂.

Something like:

” Ha! Ms Quk so this boy is in your class?! He’s the one that threw the duster at me that day na. That one I told you about. ”

” ehn ehn! Hanhan! Me too I was saying it! Shebi he’s the one that was running that day too. ”

Ms Quk will now vex that it’s only in her class they see stubborn children. Smh 🤦‍♀

Back to Staff Room info jare.

You would go in, write “ Original copy received by me ” on the duplicate sheet, the date and your scrawny signature. Scrawny, because who get permanent signature then? 😂

The original result sheet would be given to you.

I saw my position and sank. As in, my heart and chest and legs sank but in real life I was standing. How did it happen? Who did I offend? 🙆‍♀ What will I tell my Daddy?

Ewo, ko funny (See, it wasn’t funny)

😂 😂 Now I can laugh about it but then ehn.. Fam, I went to a corner and changed the position o. I was asking for a blue pen that’s similar to the one the teacher used. Out of agitation, I over inked the paper sef 😏

I got home. Showed my Dad with sweaty palms. The position was no longer clear. I quickly went to drink water when he mentioned that observation. He asked how far. Told him I didn’t know. Also told him I think it was a mistake. He checked my scores. Told me the ones I should improve on. That was it.

Just like that?!
My parents have never beaten us for bad grades o. How did I not remember this? How did I let circumstances around push me to do what isn’t right?

I was convicted but I didn’t confess.
Years later when I did, he told me he knew what I’d done but kept waiting for me to talk about it. If I have ever doubted that my Hard Man is a Father, this reminds me. He would have beaten the lie out of my life 😂 on a normal day 😂

I have learned lessons from this.
Do not take any decisions based on emotions. Calm down.
This is one out of many.

Who can relate?

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2 years ago

Awwwn to think he knew all that time….

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