Holiday Is Here!

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Holiday season is here 💃 💃

How’s it going for you? (Hey teachers 😍)

We’d see jokes about how ‘ naughty ‘ children are.
We’d hear parents jokingly tell us to come and carry our children.
Suggestions on what to do with our children will be flying around.
Some parents might be confused.
Do I send my children to their Holiday Coaching class? Do I let them stay home? Should I register them for Skills Acquisition classes?
Yada. Yada. Yada.

I told some parents few days ago that where your children will go this long holiday should have be decided on long before the holiday started.
You know the academic strength of your child. I also want to assume that from previous meetings with their class teachers, you know what subjects they need to work on.

You also know that particular skill your child keeping harping about. Mommy I want to learn this. Daddy l love this.

As parents you also have observed what your child loves to do. You know so well that if he’s good at this, he would be a solution provider to world problems soon, yeah?

These would guide you in choosing where and what to register your children for.

My nephew has been singing about learning how to make and fix aluminum windows and doors. I’ve seen him stop by the local shop just to watch what they do but we have TALKED ABOUT THIS.

Do we talk to our children about our observations and have them share their thoughts too?

Back to my nephew’s story. He’s been behind Maths so much that it’s affecting his grades. But we know why😂 Young man has been spending both reading and leisure time playing football.
Deal is, you improve in Math this term, you get the chance to learn this Aluminum ‘ thang’ . You do not, Aluminum Business would be postponed till next holiday because you’d have to attend Math classes.

Dear parents, do not be pressured by the broadcasts. Identify the gap your child needs to fill and use this period to fill it up. Create a balance too.

Because Mrs thinks her own children should stay at home doesn’t mean your own children can’t learn to code or make paper crafts or attend Reading Club meetings or whatever it is.

Thank you for reading this far.

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