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My Dad called me one day to say we have to get rid of the cats. I thought it was a joke until my Mom pleaded with me one weekend to let the cats go.

I possibly couldn’t because this place is home for them. They’d find their way back as they are house cats. We started restricting their play time. Play outside during the day when everyone is gone then inside when they return from work which was cool until my Mom said a neighbour has threatened to report my family to the landlord.

This made me push for new owners. I reached out to friends but none could due to reasons which I understand until a dear friend, Lola Lyrical Kay saw the post on Facebook and mentioned to me a vet who does pet rescue.
I wasn’t home to take them over so I had my brother help me. It was very heartbreaking.
Coming home to not see them purr in excitement or me eating my breakfast and not being able to share with them.

Till date, a door in my house (which my Pops has refused to oil) still meows like them so we have a daily reminder that they were here. That they are real.

Fast forward to few weeks later, a friend reached out to me on WhatsApp that they found about four kittens in their compound. The Mother Cat walked away and neighbours were going to burn them alive. The horror! 😫

The next day, I took a bike after work to go pick them up. One had died before I got there. Fed them with milk and bundled them up with my jacket home.
My brothers were excited to help out. It was tough feeding them as they meowed all day and hardly took their milk. Kiara and Scar were still around during this period.

Scar was scared silly of them especially when they cry 😂 but Kiara was the loving one. She’d go to them, look at them and once in a while use her fore limb to stroke them.

Fero and Gent 😻😻

Unfortunately one was killed few days later and had two left so named them Fero and Gent based on their nature.

( Fero from Ferocious 😂 and Gent from Gentle 😇. I should be awarded for this though 😂 what do you think? )

Until they had to go… They’re now in new homes, thanks to my friend Lolah and the vet, Mr Kizito who made this process easier to bear. I’m really glad that I took them in when I could and saved their lives.

Someday I’d have a home of my own and have as many pets as I’d love to care for without anyone threatening me or killing them because of fear and superstition.

Did I also mention that Gent (now named Scar) was featured on TVC? Yeah! You read that right! He made a guest appearance 😂 sitting all pretty on that cushion with Mr Kizito 😂

I could only find the screenshot

Here comes the end… I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did while writing this.

Would you love to adopt a pet or you’re looking for a new home for yours?
Search for Kizito Nwogu or Dogman Pet World on Facebook.

To all my friends who were very supportive during this phase, I can’t thank you guys enough. Your words of encouragement and the nickname you gave me 😂 Thank you for staying true.

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Nigerian Patriot
2 years ago

its heart warming to know there are still wonderful people out there that sincerely have a selfless passion for animals.
In our clime, a whole lot of people do not realize that the good Lord made us to care about them. Mostly, everything that moves is seen as ‘food’.
Bless you for your kindness. I particularly like your creativity with names: ‘Fero’ and ‘Gent’. In honor of this passion you have for animals, I have chosen to follow your blog from now on by way of an encouragement to you to keep up the good work. Great work Abigail.

2 years ago

Awwwn so cute

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