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That was how one of the kittens died with a deep gash on his head. Most likely hit and his death remains a mystery till today.

Left with 4.

They were always watching out for each other and it took a long while to earn their trust. They wouldn’t even feed with a syringe 😂.. Lapped on milk right away!

As soon as they warmed up to us (my brothers and I) it was fun all the way.
They either wanted to eat or play or cuddle or sleep and as long as they had any of this, there was peace and quiet 😂.

Until one disappeared.
We searched and called. We don’t know how that happened.

Left with 3.
We got home one day to find one missing.

Left with two.
We decided to name them from one of our most loved Animal movie characters Lion King – Kiara and Scar.

All these while we hadn’t really taken them out of the house so when they started becoming curious about the environment I knew we would have to visit the vet soon so we started searching online.

It was milk at first but when they started to enter the main house to play with us, they longed for the kind of meals we ate.

My Dad introduced fish to them and I would chew up meat to give them.
I love AGEGE bread 😂 and they developed interest so bad they would meow loudly if I didn’t share.
Out of mama cat love, I gave them just like that and it affected their digestion.

beloved AGEGE bread

I returned from work one day and I met Kiara wheezing. She coughed out something thick like phlegm. Instantly I knew it was bread.
They loved spaghetti too!

one of my morning meals

There was a period it became mandatory for me to eat breakfast so spaghetti and egg or fish was it. I would divide my meal into two parts and share one part with them (Dear Mom, this was why I always finish my meal those mornings. I’m sorry 😂)

That day was mini hell. They’ve never been boxed before. They’ve never gone that far before.
I can still remember the way people on the street kept looking at my brother and I as we carried them in the box. They kept meowing loudly and we had to take turns in rubbing their ears and saying soothing words to them.

Las las, we got to the vet and I could see the relief in their eyes after we let them out. The doctor was kind. I had my reservations considering the hostility I’d receive from people both virtually and offline but his actions dispelled all that.
He commended me after checking them for keeping them so well. I told him about the phlegm Kiara coughed out the other day. He said to soak the bread in milk if they love it that much but it shouldn’t be a meal I should feed them with often.
They need more protein than carbs.
Putting them back in the box was heart breaking for me but they did fine.

The doctor gave us deworming liquid 😂 and anti-tick/flea powder. I know they don’t call them by these names but you already know why 😂.

Kiara is female. Scar is male.
Kiara is more receptive and very playful.
Scar is super reserved and rarely plays.

she was mad I woke her to take pictures 😂

How did we differentiate them?
How did their numbers add up to 9?
Why did I give them up?

Next post. Stay tuned.
Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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2 years ago

Mummy Cat, that’s sweet

Nigerian Patriot
2 years ago

A very interesting story….waiting on more of the gist. Regards to both of them: Scar and Klara.

2 years ago

Awwwn so beautiful and cute

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