Hi FAM! This is long overdue but I have decided to share.
I never knew I love cats until I had these ones and it’s been an amazing journey so far. From love for them to dealing with superstitious neighbors to having to give them up in order to protect them.

So how did it happen?

The Mother Cat had them close to one of the GP tanks in my compound. I grew up seeing cats walk the fences in my hood so it wasn’t new. My younger brother who loves animals by the way, called my attention to them so we went on a rescue mission.

After we rescued these 5 furry babies, I loved them instantly and knew I was going to keep them. So the journey began. I surfed the internet on what to feed them, how to feed them and care for them.

My Dad was cool with it but my Mom wasn’t entirely in the loop. She asked after them and that was it. She didn’t want them in her space! 😂

This was during the rescue.. Minus one of them

Sometimes at night they would begin to cry/whimper/meow. I later discovered that mosquitoes usually disturb their corner. Fam, I thought they might have Malaria (don’t laugh at me. I was still new at this 😂) so I took them to the vet.

But something happened.
I got home from work one day to hear that one kitten had died. He had a huge scar on his head. This was the beginning of something I didn’t like at all.

To be continued…

Did you ever keep pets?

What’s your take on cats?

Do you like them?