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‘ There’s no magic to learning support. Only hard work and determination and sleepless nights and building on what works while tweaking what doesn’t to find the true purpose of learning. ‘ @missabbysclassroom_

I have only slept for three hours but I’m awake trying to figure out the learning patterns of some of the children in my learning support program. Makes it easier to do as insomnia is really hitting hard but that’s not the point at all.

The point is the quote up there.
THERE’S NO MAGIC TO LEARNING SUPPORT. Even for independent learners.
Shout out to all Learning Support Teachers like me who go all out despite the subtle destructive criticism that nothing is being done when the difference is glaring.

As much as we have the tag, we need all the support we can get from colleagues to parents to child(ren) to community to everything that is put into consideration for learning to happen.

When there’s a gap, the link is broken and it takes twice as hard to connect it.

How have we all been?

I have been mending.

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