In October 2018 I shared the first part on how to curb noise in the classroom.

Here is the link:
Shut Up! 

We often feel or believe that children do not understand us so there is no point talking to them or hearing what they have to say when it’s not convenient for us. Everything has to be on our terms because we believe we are older and wiser which is absolutely cool but older and wiser also involves Listening.

Children are curious beings and once they get a hold of speech they try their best to communicate their thoughts as loud as possible 😂.
I have made every child my friend so I teach and constantly remind them on how friends should behave to each other.

Honestly, telling them to Shut Up constantly is exasperating so I go through what I call Life Values Route (LVR).

LVR 1. Friends do not yell at each other.
This is why you would hear them tell each other to either stop shouting or use their whisper voices.
Sometimes they forget and I tell them it’s perfectly okay to forget because we are humans so this leads to the next one.

LVR2. Friends watch out for each other.
When you hear your friend speaking loudly, you should remind your friends about using their whisper voices or politely say ‘reduce your voice’ as one of my girls would say. She has no chill whatsoever 😂

We have friends in the classroom who find it hard to concentrate when it’s noisy so they have to watch out for them too.

Nothing makes a child sit up faster than Responsibility. They have to be your friend for this to effectively work because children are ‘Natural Pleasers‘ ; they want to take you happy as a friend and we should use this for good right?

LVRs 1 and 2 are what we would love our friends to know about, yeah? So the earlier we start teaching our children, the better for us all.

Remember, it is not enough to teach it. You have to constantly remind them. Share this responsibility of reminding others with them too.

This doesn’t apply to moments of excitement or when asking for help. Should you decide to work with these for your classroom, let them ask questions so you get a bigger picture of situations they may likely want to use this for. If possible, have them create simple scenarios. I can assist if you would like for me to.

I hope this works for you.
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