What Do you Want To Be When You Grow Up?

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” What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? “

Were you ever asked this question?

I was.
Countless times.

It didn’t occur to me that the profession I had chosen was what would make a class of over thirty children laugh at me.

This question was asked in every single class I got to and I usually felt bad until Primary 5.
Well, I felt bad in every other classes until I got home and Mom gave me either of my favourite meals. 😂

Let me share what happened in Primary 5.
I had Just changed schools from a private to a Government-owned school (aka Public School) – I’ll share what happened on this day later – everything was so new to me but I had the best Primary 5 Teacher ever!

She sort of validated that forever dream I’ve always nutured. After a Class whose topic I can’t remember now, she asked ” What do you want to be when you grow up? ”

Hands shot up in class and one after the other, we gave answers until it got to me. ” Teacher! ” I replied. And as usual, the whole class started laughing and pointing fingers at me.

For the very first time in a long time in all the classes I’ve been in, without any iota of hesitation, she defended me.

” Stop laughing at her all of you. Am I not a Teacher too? It’s an honourable profession and Abigail, you have done well. Keep it up. ”

Ha! I smiled, whispered a Thank You and sat on my chair with the highest of shoulders. 😇

” I am not a Teacher but an Awakener. ” – Robert Frost

You don’t know what this means to a young girl who has had even teachers laugh at her for choosing their profession or even try to discourage her that teachers aren’t paid well.
You don’t know what it means to a young girl who was told ( by a ‘family friend’ ) that she should choose a greater position because teaching was too less for her.

This is not a Make-Me-Or-You-Feel-Good post. Draw your lessons.

Now that this question has been rephrased to ” What problems do you want to solve? ” , it is not a bad idea either. The world is evolving.

Did you know that the following week after this defence declaration 😂, this same Teacher made me explain three different subjects to the entire class as a Practice Process and this continued until I graduated to the next class.
Well, she asked if I could explain and I said yes. 😇

Three International Teacher Awards later and I am so grateful to her, to everyone who has supported my Teaching Career. Who has given me platforms to do more and be more. I do not take your support for granted.

” Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me. ” – Fred Rogers

This is a come-back post. Yayyyyy! Expect more.

Photography: @marquess_studios

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Peace Eniola Adegbola
Peace Eniola Adegbola
2 years ago

Miss Abby,

Being a teacher had been my dream too. However, my dad has been my inspiration and we thank God for where we are today

I’m sure those teachers who laughed at you then only found themselves on the field unprepared and I hope they later found their bearing

Bassey Patience
Bassey Patience
2 years ago

‘so no be only me waka come’?
I was also discouraged by friends, family & even some teachers I met.
Only my dad cheered me up.
Time came when I just had to say another profession in order to ensure that I wasn’t laughed at but to God be the glory😂

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