Shut Up! 

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* Keep quiet please
* Hold your lips

* Put your heads on your desk

* Stand up. Raise your hands and close your eyes. 

* Get out of this class.

The words you’ve just read rings a thousand bells if not more and when were they used? You guessed right! When the children are making noise. At least that’s what it’s called. 😂 

This looks familiar right? 😂

I won’t bore you by defining Noise but no one likes irregular sounds of various decibels especially when they’re coming from young people. 

If I was given a naira note for the number of times I’ve tried not to scream at my children ehn, I’d be so rich to afford my trip to Malaysia to and fro but that’s not the point 😂 That’s honestly not the point fam. 

What do we do to curb these noises? 
I’d say, do nothing. Haaa! Nothing ke? 

Yep. That’s right. Do nothing. 

Okay. I’m kidding 😂 

Whats causing the noise

Some noises are actually sort of productive. When my children are working together to get solutions to a given problem and are tossing suggestions back and forth, there’s this buzz I hear and trust me, I’m not telling them to ‘ shut up. ‘ I can tell them to turn it down a little bit because I have children who find it hard to gather their thoughts above the din of scattered voices. That’s an exception but I won’t tell them to keep quiet. 

I do not have the anecdote for Noise making because come to think of it, children are wired to be curious and how best can they show this or act so? Their voices and stance screams curiosity so who am I to stop that being a curious being myself? I can share the tips (or tricks) I’ve used and currently using in my class to turn down the volume or channel it into something positive in my classroom.
Personally, I ‘ fear ‘ a quiet classroom. When we’re not doing Imagination exercise? 😕
Where the children at? Hoooray for the noise young ones!!! 
Okay. I’m kidding again 😂 
I’ll share these tips in my subsequent posts. 

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See ya! 

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( Dearest Mercy, I wish you all the best in your new classroom. You’re strong! You can do this! ) 
PS: Mercy is an amazing teacher on YTSG. YTSG is a close knit, online platform where I speak to and rub minds with awesome lifelong learners. Together We Can

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3 years ago

Smiles, thanks for helping me pull through……

Together we can!

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