The ones we love often do not stay long with us
Death has taken way too many people I know and love from me. 

I would cry and beg God to just let me see them in my dreams and have them tell me why they had to go but it has never happened. I don’t think it ever will. 

I’m done asking ‘why death?’ because I’ve come to understand that it’s a natural process, a cycle every living being must go through. But I’m not done asking, ‘Why these people? ‘ I don’t understand. 
Any time an acquaintance or a close family/friend leaves I would cry and never bounce back for a long time. On some days, I’ll take solace in the fact that I’ll see them soon while on some days, I’ll be so sad it would reflect in my writings and talks.
Recently, a very young girl, very close to me, died. Just like that. It hurt that I was so numb to ask questions. It hit me so bad the next day when it eventually dawned that I wouldn’t see her again in my lifetime.

How am I handling this? I don’t know.

I called my BP. She spoke to me and said I could call her anytime. 

Writing all of these is therapeutic for me. I have found a way to deal with this grief, I guess. I am going to be grateful for the impactful life she lived. Brief but unique. I will draw super close to things, places, attitudes and people who make me happy and lift me up. 

Very hard to do. And for the very first time (since something this sad happens), I choose not to hide in sadness or darkness or ask God questions. I’d cast all of my pains on Jesus. 

He died that much to take this in too. 

Since the day she left, I have lost interest in so many things/activities.My BP says it’s a phase that will pass soon. Hopefully, it will be.

Do keep her entire family in prayers. 

Thank you 

BP: Behavioural Psychologist. 
How do you handle grief?