Do Positions Really Matter?  (2)

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Few years ago. 

A parent came to meet me and requested that I see her personally. I did. 

She wanted to know how her son was faring in class and if he was doing well enough to take the first position. Son was in Kindergarten. 

I politely told her that Kindergarten doesn’t grade that way. It isn’t about first position. It’s how well the child has learned which will be communicated to parents via learning reports. Bear in mind that this parent and others receive a bi-weekly report on their children’s progress. 

It‘s how well the child has learned 

 I understand that these opinions might not entirely be for all ages but seeing from the way then and few now parents take positions seriously and would go at any length to make sure their child tops, some day, we will have children more concerned about the top which isn’t bad at all but when it becomes whatever it takes, the bad inclusive, then we might have a problem. A national one. 

Healthy competition is good but one fostered by positioning? I fear. 

What’s your take on this? 

Happy holidays to y’all! It’s brevity regardless 😂

Let us bloom. Photo by Princely X

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