Do Positions Really Matter? (1)

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That year.

We had written our promotional exams and had our report card with us.
I took 7th. 

Let’s go back to primary school. I usually take Grade A which automatically equates 1st position. 

Secondary school was a different game entirely. 

I knew these terms. I could explain them but when positions came out I won’t even smell the fourth. 

Let’s move forward. 

My parents would ask. Everyone who cared to know will want to us. How do I tell them I took 7th? Well, in Nigeria you take positions 😂

When my Dad saw my results I saw the struggle as he scanned through. 

So many children will face this in few days. 

Promises will be broken. 

Words will spill and they will never be packed because ‘words are like raw eggs’

The fire of self-esteem some children still have will fizzle out. 

Do positions matter? 
Do they really matter? 
Dear parents, what do you measure success with

What do you measure success by? 
Ask yourself before you go hard on that child. 

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