Dear Teacher, Be Healthy 

Abigail Adetola
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Were humans before we became Teachers

Well, we forget that until we get some very subtle reminders like I did. 

My subtle reminder: I was teaching in class one Monday and felt myself falling. My head began to throb so bad it hurt to talk. I had to leave class for the rest of that day.

Eat healthy. Drink Water. Rest. Repeat cycle

I realized that I’m now addicted to soft/fizzy drinks. The cold ones especially despite my teeth sensitivity. 

I’ve always been a Water person but two bottles of fizzy drinks a day for 10 days?! 

Teachers talk and move a lot in class so they tend to loose body fluid more hence the desire to drink and drink and drink


I’m taking this healthy lifestyle seriously now. 

Found my 28oz bottle (Used it the first 3 weeks of resumption but it got missing). I bought it at Balogun Market for about five hundred naira or so. I usually drink about 5 bottles of water from my 28oz bottle before soft/fizzy drinks took over 😢

I intend adjusting my sleep schedule. I’ll try not to keep late nights. Anything that doesn’t get done till 11pm or 12am will never extend to 3am. 

I’m also going to resume and increase my fruits intake. I took inventory of what I’ve been eating and god! I want to cry. When did it get this bad? 

I’m taking charge now. 

More water. 

More rest. 

More fruits. 

More healthy meals. 

#HealthyTeacherChallenge is coming up. I’ll share deets real soon! 

Stay healthy! 😇

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