Little Things That Matter 

Abigail Adetola
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I have something to share. 

Last year, I had a young boy in my class who was having self-esteem issues so aside academics I had to start incorporating social and emotional intelligence in our lessons. 
One week we had a particular passage to read  and the story centered on early morning activities of a young boy. How he would wake from the bed, go the bathroom and use the shower, dress up in nice clothes and eat with complete cutlery in the dining room. 

As usual, every child started talking about bed, shower, bath tub, fork and knife, bedroom etc and I noticed this young boy slip back into his shell. 
I tried reaching out to him but the more I reached out the deeper he sunk. It was heartbreaking for me because I knew.. I’ve been there before. 

I set him aside during After School sessions and started working on him. I shared my story with him and discovered that he’s facing almost exactly what I faced at one point in my life after he opened up. 

A room, no enough space, no privacy.
No bedroom. You share mat space with your siblings.
No private bathroom. You share with the known and the unknown. 
No complete cutlery. Thank goodness you have spoon (it’s not that bad though). 
See, these children face a whole lot more than we think they are facing. 

No one bothers about these issues but I bother. 

I’ve been there. I still remember those thoughts I had. I’m still trying to overcome them. 
The emotional health of the children in our care is as important as their academic health too

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