OMG! I missed my way! 

Abigail Adetola
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I get to work in a new school!

I find myself in a new  classroom! 


That’s the way my head has been screaming at me in the past few weeks 😂😂 but I’m okay. I seriously am. 

I don’t know about other teachers but I’m sure this post will resonate. Getting to a new classroom means I have to:

  • Learn the names of my children 
  • Note their peculiarities and prepare my Lesson plan to suit each needs
  • Be super cool and friendly (ask any 3rd Grade teacher. Yep! #iteach3rdgradetoo 

And loads of others… But no one talks about getting familiar with the environment. 😭

I bumped into so many classes that aren’t mine at all! (thank God no child had resumed then 😇)

I missed my turns a lot (please blame the structure 😂)

I kept bumping into things that I didn’t see (I have to change my glasses) 

So what did I do? 

I requested for a tour around the school. Yes I did. (because daughter of man cannot come and be disgracing her ancestors 😂😂 – This simply means that I’m tired of missing my way and had to do something about it)

Now that all that’s done, I can proudly say that I know my way around the school just like I know how to eat my favourite bread. 

So I’d love to hear from you. 

 When you got to that school how did your first few weeks go? 

Drop a comment.

Or send an email to

Facebook: Adetokunbo Adetola Abigail 

Instagram: abigailadetola

Twitter: adetoks_abby

I’d love to hear from you.

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3 years ago

My primary school wasn’t that big enough to mix classes up, but my secondary school was super big and all the classrooms looking alike. I just noted a distinctive dent outside my classroom which I always used as a benchmark pending the time I can navigate my way blindfolded.
Nice write up

3 years ago

Lolzzz… Hope you dint injure yourself?!! Well… That’s part of life sha… Of cos missing one’s way aint no Bad deal but rather steps to greatness. Being in a New environs shows your interest in learning new stuffs and impact also… Enjoy your stay dear

3 years ago

I think I’m good with description. I guess I didn’t find that as a challenge.

3 years ago

From my personal experience i think it’s normal for one to miss their way in a new environment. But, in your case i blame it on the super colourful texture of the building.
I teach too but right now i don’t wanna start teaching my colleagues here in the University. If you go and “gbagaun” lasan, be sure you just got yourself a new name.
I missed helping my cousins with their assignments though.
I hope one day I’ll be able to impart lives just like you
I won’t wanna shower you with praises before that small head of yours start swelling.
Keep it up dear, I’m inspired.

2 years ago

During nysc, and getting used to the environment was not difficult for me, let’s say God and the school’s structure was easy to learn!

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