How To Help Your Adult Friend Who’s Dyslexic 

Abigail Adetola
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Now that’s a mouthful but I tried compressing it. 

How’ve you been? 

I’ve been great. Super even, but let’s talk. 

When I came out about being dyslexic it was unbelievable. To my friends. I don’t know why but hey! It’s my reality and enough of hiding. I’m no longer in kindergarten where I can have great support but some of my friends have been a great support system and I appreciate them all. 

I’ll dive right in. From my point of view too. 

It’s not a disease so we don’t need you to call every second to ask about our health and how our brain is. It’s depressing. The dyslexic brain isn’t sick. It’s just different from the non-dyslexic brain. You can always call to check on us Incase we call you to ask for directions though 😂 (I usually get lost when directions aren’t straightforward) 

The beautiful thing about this is that the brain can be rewired to do those stuff it finds difficult to do but that will be another blog post. 

Don’t look at us weirdly when we ask you to go through our essays and stories. Please don’t. We can’t ask others without being laughed at although we’re working on our confidence daily so we trust you to lovingly correct us. We’re at the same time not looking for pity parties too 😂

Challenge us to be the better versions of ourselves. As no two dyslexics are the same you have to figure out their personalities and peculiarities. I’ll leave you to this one. 

We process information differently so we tend to ‘forget’ vital information.  Some dyslexics have short term memory so they forget things you think they shouldn’t forget. I forget things too so I try as much as possible to attach landmarks to things. For example, I keep forgetting the course Bamidele studied in school so in my head I attach a light bulb to his name. That way I’d remember he studied Electrical Engineering instead of Chemical Engineering. Please clap for me 😂

At work, ask us what we really want. I’ve had to download the Blue light filter app because  Black on White text troubles my eyes. Some dyslexics have sight issues and may not even know it. There are certain texts I can’t read conveniently too because they either appear too blurry or scatter and mess up my brain. 

When giving instructions too be thorough and stop assuming. By thorough I mean well detailed. 

There are days where I feel like I’ve failed and can’t do it right and there are days when I feel superhuman and can do anything. On any of these days,  support goes a long way. 

Recently I attended The Dyslexia Tribe hangout by One Word Africa and seeing other dyslexics there, both young and old, talking about our fears and the way forward, I had this peace and confidence that I can do just about anything I want to do when I’m ready to do it. 

I appreciate everyone who has worked with me. How do you people do it without getting pissed or bored? Just how 😂 I need to interview you all. 

Dyslexia isn’t a disease but we need all the support we can get and you, our friend can be one! On behalf of all of us, thanks for sticking this far with us. 

Don’t forget to share this post too. Gracias. 

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