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Hi there! How’ve you been? 

So I’ve been searching for support groups, foundations etc that cater for children with learning differences in Nigeria. I’ve only seen massive support outside here but I’m glad to share my recent find with you.
There’s a foundation in Nigeria for Dyslexia! Yayy! 

Now this is not a sponsored post at all. I attended their first conference few days ago in Lagos. They had speakers in attendance from Dr (Mrs) Ijeoma John, a researcher whose work headlight is on Dyslexia! Yayy! 

Honourable Justice Titi Ojukutu-Oshode was there too. She made us know that there are no policies in Nigeria catering for learning difficulties even in tertiary institutions (imagine if instead of paper exams we had options of choosing computer based exams for all papers that have to be written.. Just imagine) but she is willing to work with the founder (She has though) get a policy drafter and viola! Well, that’s after the bill is being read and  passed. (when it gets to that stage I’ll share). 

Let me not bore you with the talks from the Conference but I’m happy something is being done both in the public and private sectors of Education in Nigeria. 

You can reach Dyslexia Foundation via 




They also have 3 centres. Lagos, Abuja and Calabar. 

They offer diagnosis and ‘treatment’  sessions too. That is, if you suspect / see signs of dyslexia in a child you can reach out to them. They also go to schools to speak with teachers and parents on Dyslexia for free (within Lagos)

It’s a great find!

So I’ll drop this 👇👇

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