Finding Support and Closure 

Abigail Adetola
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Hello there! 

Few days ago I wrote about Dyslexia Not Dense and got massive feedback. I’m glad that happened. Thanks so much to everyone who liked, shared, commented and showed support in every possible way. 

Now that the awareness is out there and some persons who have not just Dyslexia but also Dysgraphia, Dyscaculia, Dysmusia and every other form of learning difficulties are beginning to speak out, parents are beginning to seek diagnosis for their children and some schools are beginning to look into these it gives hope and comfort to an extent. 

What do we do about this in Nigeria? 

We need qualified Educational  Psychologists in our schools. 

We need to know that it’s OKay to see a Psychotherapist to talk to because some of us have to deal with self-esteem issues and other nots.

We need SUPPORT.

We need CLOSURE.

Here’s to you!

In my next post I’ll share a list of websites, organizations, certified and passionate teachers and support groups and contacts of certified social in Nigeria that help with these learning differences. 

Do you know any of the above mentioned and would love to feature? Kindly mention them in the comments section or have them send me a message via email

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to share! 

See ya! 😇

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Queen Esther John
3 years ago

Way to go Miss Abby Abby

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