Dyslexia Not Dense. 

Abigail Adetola
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This past week has been so blue for me. I’m in a place I don’t want to be (story for another time) and I stumbled on a post in one of the teacher groups I belong to on facebook where children with learning differences were being talked down. 

Dyslexia being the topic. It was shattering for me and this came up. I can only write and talk about it and hope that someday this world wouldn’t be so cruel to children that need extra and special attention. 

Dear God

I cant tell you to stop creating special babies because if I did, it will mean the same thing and life will be boring. We cant all be the same. We shouldn’t be. I dont know why you create special babies and even babies with learning differences. I don’t  even understand Your ways yet but I can do something.
Make our moms and dads  special parents with special powers to take in all the loads of beautiful specialness in every one of us

Give our teachers everywhere extra douses of Patience to deal with our special attitudes

Give the world your lens that they may see every special child the way You see them, that they may know You made no mistake in specially creating us.

Your Special Sprinkle on Earth


Its painful to see ignorance flying around about issues such as this but it’s comforting to know that the awareness is gaining weight. 

Let’s do two things. 

1 Read up on Learning Difficulties 

2 Share this post till everyone reads it and understands that no child is dense or stupid.

Every child is Special

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Lawrence shonibare
Lawrence shonibare
3 years ago

I’m happy you brought this topic to the fore as I’m in the sector that caters for people with L.D- Learning Difficulty!!!, and I have a good knowledge in the field. My question now is; what do you intend to do about it apart from sharing it on social media.

Queen Esther John
3 years ago

Reblogged this on Queen Esther John and commented:
Miss Abby, the dyslexic who opened my eyes to the beauty and brains of other dyslexic children. I’m definitely working on it

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