About Today: August 26th 

Abigail Adetola
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If you tell me to ‘Knee down, hands up and close your eyes’ now I will do it willingly. How can I start a blog and not be consistent. Please just be ‘flogging’ me. I will accept. It won’t happen again. 
In the past few weeks I’ve been answering questions both offline and online about myself, Kiyeseni Foundation and my academics too. Some can’t believe I am the founder because I’m 20 😂😂 but it’s okay. I’ll be 21 soon so I’ll hear my excuse then, right? 

What happened August 26th? Kiyeseni Foundation had another Walk (the second for this year) against Child Sexual Abuse in Ketu. 

Rain fell

What?! How did it happened?! It stopped though and it was quite sunny few hours before the Walk started. 

We were just eleven

Yes. Just eleven. 

We registered over 20 persons for the Walk but 11 of us showed up today. 

Was I sad? At some point, yes. I had to have a mental self-talk. No one owes me anything. I am not entitled to their presence.. Wait o.. What if they promised? Well, they did. Not fulfilling is on them not me. 

How about those who live far away or work engaged them. Should I be sad they didn’t boycott work for me or risk travelling? That’s selfishness jor. Lesson learned. 

Today was awesome! 

God really pulled through for us. 

We entered these streets, spoke to parents, children, collected numbers, took pictures with some of them and invited them for September 2nd. 

I really appreciate everyone who has supported my foundation in every way (please the foundation is my baby jor 😂😂) I sincerely can’t thank you enough. 

If Happy Days are being recorded please add August 26th to mine. 

Never underestimate your dreams.
Map it.

Run with it. 

In your running, guard it jealously. 

My brother and I 😇😇

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Okokon Faith
Okokon Faith
3 years ago

Remember… I told you you’ll get disappointments.. That you should be ready for it….. Am glad you braced yourself up and never allowed the turn to bring you down…. See you on Saturday….

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