My Olive Treasures (Summer) Experience 

Abigail Adetola
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How’ve you been? Great I hope. 

I had the opportunity to volunteer at Olive Treasures Camp this year as one of the  Creativity Coordinator and it was fun! 

Ermm.. We really do not have Summer in Nigeria but you know.. Let’s just leave that part lol. The long holidays are usually called that here. Back to story. 

I wasn’t so sure I’ll be present along the line but things just worked out and boom! Olive Treasures Camp has been on for about 4 years now (If I’m not mistaken) and is being run by Mrs Toyin who I must confess to you, is the one of the most nicest person I’ve ever seen. The camp is usually on during the holidays. 

I had a wonderful time with the children and even teenagers. The boys were taught how to barb while the girls made Ankara brooches, headbands etc. My friends, Okokon Faith (I love you gurl 😘) and Eunice Damilola (love you too 😘) were really amazing. They kept checking on me and asking if I’d taken my drugs (that I somehow managed to escape till now – I’m fine girls 😂😂) and helped in teaching the girls too. 

Faithie and I

The Word Search part was awesome too. Some 6 year old children didn’t know how to though but when they learned how to look for them words we didn’t hear word again.

 ‘Can I have another one please? ‘ 

‘No o. You can have another two’

Don’t ask me who gave that reply 😂😂

There’s this game called Charade that Ogbolor of Wazobia TV use to play with his audience in one of his late night shows that involves you gesticulating and another guessing what you might be describing without you actually saying it. I’ve been playing this game and didn’t know they call it ‘Charade‘ Who says you can’t learn from kids? They formed new words from large words and loads of other mental games. The Teenagers’ games were awesome too. Their Boys/Girls session was amazing that I had to sit close and learn. 

The junior girls learned how to make Ankara bows
Madam Faithie with the senior girls. Ankara brooches
Finished work 😇
More finished works
Yeah we made it!
This Is Us! 😇😇

Pardon the shiny foreheads and eyes. Small quality camera won’t make us great like that. 

The 3 days I spent with these children taught me few lessons. 

  • You can do anything you set your heart to do. 
  • Humility and Honesty pays.
  • There are lessons to learn in every situation. 

. I made new friends too. Kayode and Nathan. Someday I will write about them. 

Till then 😇

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