Our Moments With Chester 

Abigail Adetola
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I remember the early days of our AA meetings when we did the song thing. Let’s rewind a bit. In our AA meetings only the broken and torn are allowed. We’ll gather, pray and share our pains without any reservations. We were healing at our own pace and in our little way. When we did our song thing, we’ll play Chester’s songs and try to analyze the lyrics. He wasn’t with us but we’d feel him and other singers whose songs we played then. He was like a part of us. 

Now that I look back to every moments I had with my brothers and sisters at the meeting I found out that we reached out in different ways when depressed but it takes someone who would go the extra mile to break the walls we’ve built around ourselves understand the signs we give. It’s hard letting people in especially when all they say is  ‘Grow up’ , ‘Snap out of it’ , ‘You’re not the only one’ etc. 

Chester is gone and suddenly everyone realizes that he’s said something in his songs. Everyone remembers that he’s gone through abuse as a child. Everyone begins to share a message that they care with a number to call for help written on it. 

We handle pains and challenges differently. Study your friends well. 

Someone suffering from ( Clinical  ) Depression has given off countless signs already. Depression is different from the usual sadness that life brings sometimes but when it becomes consistent, help is needed. 

One heartbreaking thing some people believe is that Nigerians don’t suffer Depression. It is ‘oyinbo disease’. Sad. My AA meetings used to be filled with Nigerians but sentiments did us. One of us died few months after. With a sad smile. 
Yes. Suicide isn’t the way out so show us the way with your love. Your positive attitude. Your care. We want that little. 

Don’t only know about it when we’re gone

Don’t only say it when we do what we think it’s best. 

Care Now

Suicide isn’t the way. 

The choking chords of Depression won’t make us see that. So show us. Lovingly. 

Chester. If only we knew
Care Now. Not when we’re gone.
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