Wacky Week, Something New 

Abigail Adetola
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It has been a tough week so far and I’m just glad that it’s over. On Wednesday I had to leave Lagos for Oro in Kwara State only to discover that there are no buses headed there like before! I left Kwara October 2016 and we boarded cars to school. Just one but now you have to board about three. 

Lagos – Oshogbo  – Offa – Oro 

The roads are still the same. Bad. My back and feet still aches. 

I had to go back to check my results and got drenched in the rain after walking from one place to another in what now looks like an unfamiliar territory. I’m not happy with the state of my country’s Educational system. I won’t dwell on this much but I’m going back to where I began and I’m willing to chart a new course. The state of the vehicles that ply these routes is making me change my car goals!  

Oke Iroko!

I still can’t bear the cold Kwara brings. I know there are other states in Nigeria similar to the Ice Age (😂😂) but don’t blame me. Lagos weather is so different from Kwara’, a very poor comparison  and they expect me to ‘baff’ with cold water 

Lailai! (Never!)
I just won’t. Don’t ask me what I’ve been doing these days. You really don’t want to know. 

Oops! Almost forgot. Kiyéseni Foundation is having her Summer Outreach program on the 22nd of July 2017 to speak to the children in the communities we’ve adopted on Child Abuse and Preventive Measures  and also to distribute school relief materials (socks, note books, pens, pencils, bags and sandals) to them.  

We will keep advocating for their safety and helping in every way that we can. 

KETU, LAGOS is the area! 

Do join us! (with a gift for a child at least) 

Wait fest (wait first), how do you even take cold baths on cold mornings? That’s…. 


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